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Bentley GT

Bentley GT- diagnostics/coding. ...
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Mercedes E Coupe

Mercedes E Coupe '09 - conversion '09 model to LIFT '16. ...
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Mercedes CLS ’11

Mercedes CLS '11 - conversion to AMG LOOK LIFT '16. ...
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Porsche Cayenne GTS Lublin Warszawa elektronika,diagnostyka,kodowania,tuning


Porsche Cayenne GTS '16 - USA-EU conversion, FULL LED, electric hitch. ...
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Porsche Cayenne Lublin Warszawa elektronika, diagnostyka,kodowania,tuning.

Porsche CAYENNE ’16

Porsche CAYENNE '16- BIXENON conversion to LED. ...
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Mercedes S500 W222

Mercedes S500 W222 - flood damages repairing. Mercedes service was not able to repair this car for over half a year. It took us two weeks... Comand & cluster replacing etc., programming / coding. ...
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Mercedes E Coupe 350 W207

Mercedes E Coupe 350 W207 - old 2009 model conversion to 2014: static led headlights, amg facelifted bumpers, facelifted rear lights. ...
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Mercedes E Coupe 550 W207

Mercedes E Coupe 550 W207 - old 2009 model conversion to 2016: dynamic led headlights, intalligent highbeam control – windshield & camera replacing, interior facelifting with „silver” vents, analog clock, silver OBF, new Comand type, new „color” cluster type, latest 2016 AMG steerin ...
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Mercedes GLS350 X166

Mercedes GLS350 X166 - brand new car under warranty retrofitted with: Comand Online, CarPlay/Android Auto, AMG logo on system start, 360 cameras, folding, dimming mirrors with projectors, heated and ventilated seats, parktronic. ...
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Mercedes S350 W221

Mercedes S350 W221 - power closing the door retrofit. ...
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